Homoeopathy in preventing COVID-19

Homoeopathy in preventing COVID-19

Dr. K. Dhanapalan, BHMS, Madurai,

This is the first scientific clinical trial in the world to evaluate the efficacy of Homoeopathy in preventing COVID-19.


Interdisciplinary Task Force for Research on COVID-19 of Govt. of India and CCRH have approved our project proposal “A multi-centric community–based double-blind randomized placebo-controlled intervention trial for prevention of COVID-19 using a homoeopathic medicine schedule – “Arsenicum album- Phosphorus-Tuberculinum” in series.”

Study areas: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal

No of subjects to be studied – 16440

Nodal Centre: Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kanniyakumar, Tamil Nadu


a. Prof. Dr. Ravi M Nair, Advisor, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College

b. Prof. Dr. Asok Kumar Das, Visiting Professor, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Tamil Nadu


a. Primary objective

To measure the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine schedule in preventing COVID- 19 cases

b. Secondary objectives

To measure the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine schedule in preventing

a. Severe COVID-19 disease

b. COVID-19 related mortality

Importance of the study
Arsenicum album 30 has already recommended by the Scientific Advisory Board of CCRH and approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India as immune booster to combat COVID-19.

The other two medicines as included in the study – Phosphorus and Tuberculinum will help further to strengthen the immunity for a long period.

So the homoeopathic medicine schedule- “Arsenicum album- Phosphorus-Tuberculinum” in series will supplement the action of Arsenicum album 30 and act as a strong and long term immune booster.
A new finding of Italian Pathologist that the case of death of COVID -19 is disseminated intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) has also considered in this intervention protocol.

Another new finding of US scientists about BCG vaccine “We found that countries without universal policies of BCG vaccination, such as Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States, have been more severely affected compared to countries with universal and long-standing BCG policies”

The source material for the preparation of BCG and homoeopathic medicine Tuberculinum is the same, only method of preparation differs. So Tuberculinum may have the potentiality to be useful in COVID-19 cases by boosting up the general immunity of the person.

In the Japanese encephalitis, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh used BCT (Belladonna, Calc. Carb, Tuberculinum) on the same analogy and could successfully control the Epidemic.

Relevance of using Arsenicum album-Phosphorus-Tuberculinum – a complementary antimiasmatic trio in the present context

  1. Rapid mutation of virus: SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly mutating. So the development of an effective vaccine which can confer immunity for a long time becomes challenging to the modern medicine. But as homoeopathic preventive approach is not based on the causative pathogen (seed) but acts on the host (soil) as a potential immune booster, it will be equally relevant while the virus is changing its character through mutation.
  2. Coronavirus may never go away, warns WHO – World may have to learn to live with it, like it did with AIDS. In such a condition our complimentary trio will be more relevant as it will confer strong and long term immunity.

The use of pathological similar medicine in series with miasmatic consideration as we proposed in the present study is a new concept developed by integrating homoeopathic philosophy and modern science which needs to be studied scientifically though double blind placebo controlled clinical trial.

How to administer these medicines?

a. Arsenicum album 30 – Day 1, 2, 3

4 globules (no. 30) to be taken orally at morning in empty stomach for three consecutive days

b. After 15 days – Phosphorus 30 – Day 19, 20, 21

4 globules (no. 30) to be taken orally at morning in empty stomach for three consecutive days

c. Then after 15 days Tuberculinum 200 – Day 37, 38

4 globules (no. 30) to be takenorally at morning in empty stomach for two consecutive days

Persons should not brush the teeth and should not eat and drink half an hour before or after taking the medicine, following standard method of administration of homoeopathic medicine.

Persons who have already taken Arsenicum album 30 following the Advisory of Ministry of AYUSH within 15 days need not receive Arsenicum album 30 further, but will take Phosphorus 30 as above after completion of 15 days.

Persons who have already taken Arsenicum album 30 following the Advisory of Ministry of AYUSH more than one month before need to start APT (Arsenicum album-Phosphorus-Tuberculinum) intervention afresh following the above dose schedule.

All the subjects needs to follow strictly the standard precautionary measures for preventing COVID-19 as advised by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India like maintaining social distance, washing hands with soap and water repeatedly thoroughly at least for 20 seconds or use of alcohol based hand sanitizer and use of musk etc,

Prof. Asok Kumar Das
National Institute of Homoeopathy,
Salt Lake, Kolkata

Res: 104 Hem Chandra Naskar Road, Kolkata-700010

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